Sunday, 16 April 2017

Final Cut

This is my finalised version of my Music Video. I have added in any relevant effects from Final Cut Pro and I have changed slight parts of the music video to match up with the music properly and I have added in a 'sepia' filter over the narrative and added more composition for the male DJ. 

Audience Feedback 
- Singer looks convincing to the audience - lip syncing is done well 
- Effects are interesting and different throughout 
- Green screen really helps the music video to look like an EDM genre video 
- Narrative could've been filmed better - camera shaky - locations aren't that visually appealing 

My Comments 
- I agree with the narrative part - I could've filmed some better footage of the couple although I think the locations worked well 
- I also agree that the green screen really helped to improve my music video and give an EDM vibe to the audience 
- I think I could've made the clapping part match up more to the music 
- Some of the DJ's play at certain parts where the music is not as instrumental. 

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