Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rough Cut #6

Appeals to audience 
- added in EDM editing effects - layering/composition/greenscreen 
- singer has longer screen time then the DJ's or the couple 

This is my Rough Cut #6 which is nearly finished, as you'll be able to see, I added in the new footage that I filmed as layered ones and some of the editing SFX. 

I will be filming the phone scene again as the green screen was not properly shown on the footage that I filmed. This will be edited into a split screen near the start of the music video to convey the singer and girl broke up. 


Here is another PODCAST I've done, mentioning the latest updates on my blog and on my coursework. I have also briefly mentioned editing and digipak and website creations. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

More Filming

Before the half term I got some short feedback on my latest Cut 5, I have done some further filming which could help me for the Digipak cover as well as my music video. 

- Use more smoke bombs 
- Smoke bombs could be used for the Digipak cover and back cover 
- Try and find different locations 
- Try and layer with the singer  and smoke bombs - SFX 
- When layering the smoke - let it play for longer for instrumental parts of the song. 
- Greenscreen the footage of the singer hands out and layer himeself dancing on his own hand. 
- Skateboard - get footage of the singer on skateboard from a worms eye view 
- Fade/Cut the blue smoke bomb throughout the video. 

Over the half term I was able to buy smoke bombs except that they were the smoke pellets which as I found out were much harder to light and get a good effect. They turned out to look good but a lot of it was hard to film as the smoke pellets would go out quickly. 

For the location, I scouted for a tunnel like place but since I could not find out where there might be a dark place, I decided to film in my garage which had quite dim lighting. I liked that this 'location' looked quite grungy and similar to some pop singers who set up in a garage like setting. 

Here are a music video example where they set up in a garage for performing

I had my singer/performer sit on a bucket so that I could get a better shot of the smoke surrounding the singer than if he was standing. I also tried to film with the singer inside the garage with his back against the half open garage door to let in light. At first the lighting was not very good but than I tried and closed the garage fully which let made the lighting better. I also had the singer against the wall of the garage to give another aspect on location. 

I would obviously crop or transform the clips as I don't think the things in the background are necessary. 

I was not able to film different angles as the smoke went out very fast but I did try and move the camera and walk around a bit to give a sense of movement in the smoke. I was trying to create a similar effect like in the trending internet challenge 'The Mannequin Challenge'. 

I also set up the green screen that I used to try and film the phone clip, I had my singer hold the phone out against the screen and filmed his hand scrolling through the Instagram Account of my actress. 

As you can see the lighting of the green screen does not show up because the light from the phone is what the camera is focused on. This was quite troublesome because I needed the green to show up as a bright green and not dark but I will still try and edit it and see if anything can be done with it. 

Social Media - Post Updates - February

Here are all the social media posts from February which are mostly about my green screen shoot and behind the scenes photos. As you can see I showed a lot of photos from the shoot as it was really helpful for my music video and it changed the vibe. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Editing Experimentation 3

Appeals to audience 
- editing is similar to actual EDM music videos 
- colours used are the same for the digipak - branding throughout 
- conveys the EDM genre with the change of colour and the layering

Here is a short video on some experimenting editing that I did to see whether this overlay effect could be useful in my own music video. 

I really like the smoke bomb inside the singer but I also quite like the layering of the dancing and the color of that which I might put parts of in my video. I also quite like the double exposure of the DJ inside the singer which shows as stronger bond between the musicians and the performer. 

I don't like the overlay with the girl inside the singer as it did not turn out the way I wanted it too and it looks too shaky. I might consider trying to re-edit that or leave it because the other clips worked better with the EDM vibe. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Making a Crossword puzzle

I have made a crossword puzzle on genre theory which will help me when I need to revise. This puzzle has around 20 crosswords to solve and includes a lot of different theorists and terminology used when discussing genre theory. 


Distribution notes and Media Regulation

The Big Three

- Universal Music Group 

- Sony Muisc Entertainment

 - Warner Music Group 

Subsidiary companies 
Universal Music Group 
- Interscope Records 
- Republic Records 
- Island Records 
- Def Jam Recordings 

Sony Music Entertainment 
- RCA records 
- Columbia Records 
- Epic Records 
- Syco 

Warner Music Group 
- Atlantic Records 

- UMG - 29.85%
- SME - 29.29%
- WMG - 19.13% 

- UMG - $1.552 billion
- SME - $4.89 billion
- WMG - $2.87 billion 

- Universal owns another label EMI but Sony also own parts of the label 
- Consolidation - going from several to fewer businesses
- Concentration to ownership - no competition - prices will go up 
- Pluralism - a multiplicity of views
- Murdoch - owns many newspapers and TV channels in Britain - including 'Sky' and 'The Times' 
- Chomsky - 5 Filters of propaganda - media act on the powerful and filter through certain things
 - Censorship - linked to advertising 

- HBO - no advertising - 'Sopranos' could not have broadcasted there shows or 'The Wire' would not be shown on other America channels like CBS, ABC, NBC.
- HBO - show a lot of nudity and violence and gore/ explicit scenes 
- No one would pay to advertise next to HBO - e.g Coca Cola 

- Madonna - 'Like a prayer' - big sponsorship deal with 'Pepsi' - in the video there's a Jesus figure which is black and the video is seen as controversial, there are connotations of sexual gratification - storm kicked up and 'Pepsi' dropped their sponsorship, losing millions of dollars. "Pepsi caved in to the protests, and cancelled the advertising campaign. According to Taraborrelli, Pepsi was so eager to extricate themselves from the venture that they even allowed Madonna to keep the five million dollars she had been advanced". [Wiki]

- 5 Filters - takes out and removes radical ideas in the media 
- RedBull - quite an edgy company - would be advertised beside something explicit 
- Benetton - Clothing brand - pushed the boundaries, socially responsible
- Ice-T - released a song 'Freedom of Speech' with a huge campaign, the parent company gets pushed and they drop the label of their subsidiary
- Heavy metal, rap - parental advisory/explicit - from campaign by Senator's wives starting a club called 'PMRC' 

- Backwards masking - subliminal messages on CD's that are played in reverse. 
- Media Regulation - Video nasties - exploration of indie films - VHS - film in the home - 1980's - shops filed with VHS of horror indie films. - later banned by Thatcher  
- EMI - sex pistols made a song about the EMI label and the label dumped the sex pistols. Too controversial. 
- When Thatcher died - people had street celebrations and the Radio's refused to play the song 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead'. 
- 'God save the Queen' - sex pistols - banned - they were working class - that's why they were so controversial. 
- Filtering - Rodney Stuart got the No.1 on the charts instead of The sex pistols who got No.2. 
- 2 Live Crew - 'Banned in the USA' song also very controversial and people got very offended by the song and the message within it. 
- The Beggars Group - Indie conglomerate - biggest indie group in the world - very stable company.
- 'Cop Killers' were a band that have gone extinct in the music world due to their music and their beliefs. 
- Web 2.0 - digitalisation - disruption - when distribution modes are changed
- ITunes, Spotify - streaming - sales of digital albums have gone down 
- - John McMura - little guy becomes big guy but always end up with concentration of cencorship. 
- The Long Tail Theory - opposite to the theorist Elberse - giants survive by putting the prices up 
- focus on marketing and the distribution of music online 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Notes from class

General Conventions of a music video + Notes from class

- Intertextuality - post modernism - Baudrillard - simulacra - Kristeva 
- Firth's 1 of 3 (or 2) Narrative/Performance/Concept - Andrew Goodwin linked to lyrics and visuals - linear and non-linear 
- Stereotypes - male gaze - laura mulvey - post feminism and feminism 
- Dance Routine - copycat (Angus Young) - iconic dance moves - Michael Jackson
- Verisimilitude - lip-syncing, playing, authentic performance - concerts 
- Voyeurism/notion of looking - direct gaze, audience engagement, Uses and Gratifications theory - Guns & Roses 
- SFX - layering, slow motion (short takes? - youth), emphasis on the drop
- Costume changes in Music videos 
- Product placement in videos - goes with intertextuality 
- Titles in music videos are rare but small minority of videos have them 
- The same goes for the name of the Auteur or music video director 
- 1 Shot video - counter-conventional - U2, The Pixies, The pharcyde 
- Diegetic intro - Spice girls with 'Wannabe' or Daft Punk 
- Lip-dub - almost in the style of a lip-dub
- Panic! At The Disco - Uses a whip tilt in filming which is new as there is a pan tilt already 
- Todorov's narrative theory - Equilibrium, disruption, recognition, repair, new equilibrium 
- Music Videos are designed to be watched several times - replay 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Simulacra - Intertextuality

Simulacra - is when a sign loses its relation to reality 

I used intertextuality from a variety of videos in my genre and out of my genre. My genre being EDM, I used the original video as inspiration. I looked at the way the singer 'Justin Bieber' sang the song with lots of emotion and also for the dancing parts, I was inspired by the fast paced dancing and the moves used. 

Some videos that I tried to intertextualise for the performance were: 

Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are U now - with Justin Bieber 
Play at: 1m41s

 Below is a screen shot of my singer dancing with similar movements to Justin Bieber, he uses a lot hand motion and moving of the legs. 

Joel Adams - Please Don't Go 
Play At: 1m57

In my music video I used his video to inspire the performance from my singer. I also had my singer sitting down and lip-syncing and signifying that he is upset. 

For the narrative part of my music video, I will be using this music video as intertextuality to my own narrative. Especially the part where the girl is looking at her phone, I will definitely include this into my music video to anchor the break up between the singer and the girl. 
Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore 
Play at: 3m10s

For the DJ's I intertextualised the music video by Skrillex and Diplo called 'Mind' featuring Kai. This video helped to inspire the DJ's performance and trying to create verisimilitude in their performance and I also used actual instruments. 
Play at: 1m25s

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Media Language in Rough Cut #5

Genre Characteristic's

For my music video, I chose the genre EDM. The genre characteristics for EDM music is fast-paced editing, lots of shot variety, emphasis on the drop, live performances or performing in different locations, DJ's are sometimes shown mixing. Footage of behind the scenes from touring or concerts. 

I have chosen to look in detail at the 'instrumental music' part of my music video which features the singer and the two DJ's.The first genre convention that I used is he fast-paced editing although there could be more cuts, these signify the change in music. The instrumental part starts at 1.10 till 2.03. 

Here I layered over clips of the DJ's performing to signify the music with the visuals. The shots are mostly close ups because I wanted to create verisimilitude with the performance of the DJ's. 

 Another editing technique I used was green screen which connotes the importance of the DJ in the music video. A lot of DJ's in music videos feature themselves giving a live performance or showing that they are playing. 

Another convention of EDM I used was the different editing techniques. I tried to use the 'flash' effect in Final Cut Pro. This effect was used to make emphasis in the music and the visuals. I also used the reverse effect to connote that the singer is a professional dancer. I made sure my singer looked directly into the camera when he sang so that the audience would feel a part of the video. 

I mostly used mid shots to close up shots of my singer and DJ's as they are the most important part of my video. This also anchors the emotions going through the singer to the audience. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

Rough Cut 5

Possible influences 
- Making the scenes of the girl and her boyfriend with a filter over it? 
- lip syncing is too long and not enough performance on the DJ's - JackU music video influenced this idea 
- giving the DJ's more screen time

This is my Rough Cut 5 in which I have added in footage from the green screening that I did the other day. I tried to incorporate the green screen in my music video and layered a lot of it with other footage. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Green screen Filming 2

 Here are a few pictures I took of my trip to a Greenscreen studio. 
I had initially thought that I wouldn't need greenscreen in my music video but I decided to give it a try and I think it was a great experience and I was able to learn a lot about the right lighting and being able to edit it later on.