Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Production Schedule 5

This is my production schedule, I still need to film the DJ and then update all my social media profiles and continue editing my Digipak and Website. I will also be filming the couple in hopefully next week at the shopping centre Auchan. 

- Film inside Auchan of couple 'window-shopping' and buying some food, then film them walking around the rest of the shops. 
- Film outside of Auchan, with them eating while sitting on a bench and chatting. 
- Film them walking towards the Cinema Utopolis using long shots and panning. 
- Film couple walking inside the cinema with mid shots to long shots. 

Sample Scene 4

From my Sample Scene 3, I got feedback from the teacher. This is the feedback which I took into consideration: 
- Time lapse - too shaky 
- Camera takes are too long 
- Cut them into shorter clips
- Smoke Bomb - transform the clip and maybe crop it. 
- Cut between dancing - doesn't have to be on the beat 
- Foot close up - white writing on ground looks bad. 
- Cut from 2:11 to 2:14 cut away and then comeback 
- Back up shots of singer 
- Camera movement in the background 
- Greenscreen - layering for background 
- Layer on the sides not in the centre 
- Clapping comes in for too long 
- Couple - should try and find an alternative couple and with different locations 
- Balance between narrative and performance. 

This is my Sample Scene 4 

- In this Sample Scene, I changed parts and added some experimental layering for the keyboard scenes. I will be filming more footage of the DJ in a control/sound room later in the week. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

DigiPak - Creating my own

I have been watching several videos on YouTube on how to do a cut out image effect which I'd like to do for my own DigiPak. This effect helps to create a more of a collage look and similar to the actual album cover with a variety of photos used and yellow around it. 

As you can see in this video I have done the first part of the tutorial which is using the tool 'Quick Tool' to cut away parts of the image so I have only the singer.

This is the template that I will be using. As you can see there are four panels to fill. 
In this short video I show how I edited the pictures and created the collage effect. 

In this video I again show my technique and how I am experimenting with the positions and the scale. 

This is a screenshot of what my DigiPak looks like so far. I obviously have a lot of work left to do but this is a rough idea of what I'd like my Digipak to look like. 

Polaroid Effect 
This is a second idea that I could do for my front panel and then have  different photo for the back panel. This effect is quite easy once you've tested it. I found this to be an interesting effect as it makes certain parts of the photo stand out the others. 
I had to first put in a photo as the background. Then I created a square using the Rectangle tool and  used the colour #7e7e7e to fill it. Then I duplicated the 'Square' and made another square which I filled white. I than transformed the white square to look like a Polaroid Photo. After I selected the Lasso Tool and drew around the grey square and then I clicked on 'Layer via Copy' when I went back to the
background. This made the selected image isolated and I put the image 'send to front' so that it came over the square. 

DigiPak EG5 - Justin Bieber

Possible Influences 
- Layering of text and photos 
- Layout of CD package 
- Photo of Artist 

This is the front of the CD cover and has a lot of layered editing. The effect is of paint and writing.
The name of the album is slightly hard to see as it blends in with the white paint effect. The singer is in a pose of prayer. 
The back panel has a white font that looks similar to calligraphy and a photo of a plane crash with someone walking on the roof. The common convention of the barcode and the record labels

DigiPak EG4 - Drake

Possible Influences 
- Font 
- Lyric Booklet with the photos of Artist 

The front cover for Drake's album 'Views' is very grey and dark. And at the very top shows the singer sitting on the edge of this building. There is a small label saying explicit content but no title on the album. This suggests that it was targeting a specific audience as they would know who's album it was if they saw it in a shop. 
The back panel has grey clouds and the font is white and slightly blue. There is a list of songs and the
name of the album is on the back which is no very common. 
The booklet contains the people who helped work on each track and has photos of Drake and other photos of the scenery. 


In this PODCAST I talk about what I have done and what I still need to finish off. I need to finish the lyric video and the digipak design. 

DigiPak EG3 - Charlie Puth

Possible Influences 
- Photo of artist on front creates mystery
- Bold colour that stands out to the audience 
- Use of labels on the back panel to give it verisimilitude.

The front panel has the singer from a side view while the back panel has the singer facing away from the back. The colour yellow is bright and bold, while the font for the cover is his signature font he uses.
On the back of the panel there is a list of songs and the font is in dark green or black with white numbers, which makes it hard to read. There is a barcode and the labels of the record companies.
In this video it actually shows the CD is a bright neon yellow. And features a lyric booklet with the singer from different photo shoots. 

DigiPak EG2 - Lady Gaga

Possible Influences 
- Photo of artist which stands out from the background 
- Pastel background 
- Lyric Booklet with photos from childhood 
This is the front cover of Lady Gaga's new album, as you can see it is very plain, it shows the singer on the front. The font is white which is slightly hard to read. The background is a baby blue which signifies that her album is about getting back to her roots and where her singing began. The photo of the singer is from the side and wears only a pink hat. The colours are very pastel.

The back panel has the list of songs and the barcode and record labels. The image does not continue onto the back.
In this video of the unboxing there is the inside panels which have two different black and white photos of gaga and there is a booklet with lyrics that have photos and writing. 

DigiPak EG1 - Rihanna

Possible Influences 
- CD Package with posters 
- Front panel has the boy facing front and then on the back panel of the boy facing back

This is the CD packaging for her 2016 album called 'Anti' Her cover has a photo of a boy with editing of red paint and a ballon. The photo is layered with the same photo. 
The digipak has the same photo on the middle panel with the photo of the boy from the back. There is a small label about explicit content on the front of the cover.

The back of the cover is minimalistic.   
The CD is white with the name of the album but very plain. There is a poster and a few
pictures featured in it as well. 
This video is of the deluxe edition of 'Anti' and shows a range of posters and other pieces that the fans get. 

Friday, 18 November 2016


In this PODCAST I talk about what I blogged on which was website research and the digipak research. I will be finishing the digipak research and filming more of my DJ's. I will also be editing the lyric video and updating my websites. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG10 - Justin Bieber

Possible Influences 
- Top links are easy to see 
- A feature of news and videos 
- Newsletter 

- This website has a banner in white with 7 top links and social media links at the very top. There is also a 'newsletter' that fans can 'sign up' to. 
- There is a sliding banner with his latest albums and songs. 
- Underneath it has his 'shows'. 

Website Analysis - EG9 - Andy Black

Possible Influences 
- Name goes back to the home page 
- Visible theme of Black and White 
- Simple layout

- This is a solo artist who is usually in a band called Black Veil Brides. This is his solo website. 
- The colour scheme is black and white. 
- There is a strong sense of branding from the artist with the logo
- There is straight away marketing and advertising for his new album
- There are social media links at the bottom left hand corner and sponsors or labels of the record companies
- There are tour dates as a link. When you click on the artist's name it goes back to the home page
- The Shop has a top links list which says Home and Newsletter so fans can get more information about upcoming events.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG8 - ACDC

Possible Influences 
- Pictures of Fans on the website 
- Huge fan base is visible 
- Layout is easy to use 


- Reinforcing the marketing and giving them money 
- They're a huge band and has a lot of different language options for some of their links. 
- Contacts are at the bottom of the page 
- There are top links with 'The Band' and 'Fan Mail' which is different.
- Strong graphical content 
- Strong sense of branding of the band and their logo
- This is their latest music which is easy to access 
- Has a photos which you can press and read articles about their music. 
- This is their tour page which they currently have no dates for but they would probably usually have lots of places to go to. 

Website Analysis - EG7 - Bullet For My Valentine

Possible Influences 
- Interesting use of layout with the music ready when scrolling down 
- Tour dates from 'SongKick' 

- Has top links with Home, Live, Merch and Music/Video. There is also social media links and a newsletter that fans can sign up to. 
- There is a sliding banner which shows the name of the band - branding and also the music video which is the newest. 
- Site is basic, and simplistic with no personalisation
- The use of white is boring and the font does not stand out as much. This is similar to the YouMeAtSix website with the tour dates. 

- This is the music page which has several album covers and where you can 'get' them. 
- The use of black on the page suggests rock and also black and red are a colour that most people would associate with BFMV

- This is a banner that comes down when you click on the three lines at the right hand corner of the top page. This is not used as much in more pop artists

Website Analysis - EG6 - Shawn Mendes

Possible Influences 
- Splash page 
- Interesting shop page 
- easy to find and navigate around 

                                                         Shawn Mendes 

- Different variation of a splash page 
- Immediate marketing for the newest release 
- Has the different means of buying his music at the top - which look like top links
-  At the very top of the page it has the social media links and the merchandise store. 
- This is the pop up that appears as soon as you go on the website which suggests that there is a lot of marketing for his music
- The website has only the tour dates and then at the very bottom it has a banner with his social media links.
- The colour for the website is simple, with blue, black and white. There is one photo which is from his album. 
- For the merchandise store it is a separate link. 
- The branding for the artist is better and the store looks simple with top links and a search bar. There is also a sign up and a link to his US shop

Website Analysis - EG5 - Charlie Puth

Possible Influences 
- When you click on the name it brings you back to homepage 
- Use of Instagram photos - creates a behind the scenes for fans

- Needs a banner 
- Has the top links at the bottom 
- Six links and an email 
- There are photos in 'Gallery' and Photos and Videos could be all in one page. 
- When you click on the name of the artist it takes you back to the home page
- The photos are quite random but give the audience a side of the artist that fans get to see.
- The photos are a good layout as it shows a few and then you can click 'more' which shows more photos and when you hover over the photos there is text and social media links. 
- There is a lack of branding, and its got a white background and not much colour

- Lets the fans feel they are closer to the artist if they can send him emails. Again his social media links are visible. 

Website Analysis - EG4 - YouMeAtSix

Possible Influences 
- Social media links are at the top 
- Font is easy to read

- There are top links with 3 social media accounts and two for the merchandise
- Very basic twitter account 
- YouTube music video is below the page and it doesn't start when you scroll down which is good for some people and others find it quite 'annoying'. 
-They have the tour dates which is a common convention.
- Right next to the dates have the tickets where people can go buy themselves a ticket and can also again 'subscribe'. 

Website Analysis - EG3 - The 1975

Possible Influences 
- YouTube video is open ready for fans to easily click and watch 
- Store is quite ordered and easy to use

- This is called a 'Splash Page' which is instead of going to the Home page it is directly going to the music and the advertising
- Has the latest music video by them and the song title in a pink font
- There are links underneath the list which has merchandise
- The pale font and colour is very hard to see. 
- There is the recognizable font by the band but there is no logo showing.
- The logo should be shown in the banner
- The layout for the Home page has many pictures of the band and the album covers. You can click on the links on the pictures and you can 'retweet' or 'share' them and 'like' the pictures. 
- The website is very pink and obviously shows that it targets a female audience. The band are a rock band so it is a bit odd to have pink everywhere. 
- There are top links which are different, they have 'TOURS' and 'LOVE' which is quirky. 
- The branding on the 'Soundcloud' is better as it has the logo in full so that the audience can see. 

- The next few photos are screenshots of some of the links from their links list.

- As you can see, there is a theme of pink even in their merchandise
- Lots of writing for the 'About' page and also hard to read as the colours aren't dark enough and the font is too small.