Friday, 30 December 2016

Mock Essay Q1B

Q1B. Analyse one if your productions in relations to narrative

In relation to ideas about narrative I will be discussing my A2 Music Video. The song I chose was ‘Where Are U Now’ by Skrillex and Diplo featuring Justin Bieber. For my Music Video I worked solo. The genre I chose was Electronic Dance Music.
Original Music Video 

My Music video was a performance and narrative based video. Using Firth’s theory, he stated that a performance is when the artist or band is on stage performing to an audience or when they are lip-syncing while in a studio setting

Here is an example of a Band performing: 

For a narrative there are different types which include linear or non-linear or simple broken narratives (Link to a previous post I made about the different narrative structures).

I chose a linear narrative, which has a couple who are happy while the girl’s ex-boyfriend is singing and looks sad. I used Levi-Strauss’s binary oppositional theory with the conflicts of happy VS sad and male VS female. With the singer I had the mood of these using close-ups and mid shots to convey emotions of unhappiness. I used a happier mood for the couple to signify the oppositional emotions in my Music Video with the couple going to the shopping center and eating together, I also had them at a house eating and chatting on the couch.
Andrew Goodwin believed that there’s conventions that make up a Music Video, he found out that there are seven different steps in creating a music video. (Link to the list from a previous post). One of the steps I used from his list was the relationship between visuals and lyrics for my narrative, I had the singer looking upset while the lyrics said ‘where are you now’ which I interpreted it as him wanting to find out what his ex-girlfriend was up too. While I analysed the lyrics I could put shots of the singer between shots of the couple to signify that they are no longer together and that she has moved on. The lyrics and the music of the song was most important if I wanted to signify all the right genre conventions of the EDM genre. There were sad parts of the song which were the verses, that is where I tried to convey the singer as upset but when it came to the performance I had the singer looking energetic.

The theorist’s Bulmer and Katz created the Uses and Gratifications theory about how the audience seek to satisfy their own needs. Their theory is made up of five different stages that an audience would watch a certain ‘media text’. One of their stages is the ‘personal identity’ which I could apply to my female audience, as they would be able to relate to the certain situation between the singer and the girl. A male audience would use the stage of information about relationships for their own identity. 

The theorist Stuart Hall believed that an audience should read the meaning of a text and not just the text. I used his theory on audience when thinking of the narrative for my music video. For my music video the audience would be active and understand the message in my video. I created verisimilitude with the couple as I was able to get an actual couple who were very natural when together. The singer was convincing as his lip-syncing was in time with the music. Also his costume was convincing as it was similar to what Justin Bieber himself wears, he wore ripped jeans and a long t-shirt but also a snapback and a coat with Nike sneakers. The DJ’s were quite convincing as they had equipment like keyboards and a sound control system, they also wore headphones to make it seem like they were making the music.

Furthermore I used the theorist Carol Vernallis who believed that music is the key to the video not the images shown in the actual music video. I could apply this to my Music Video as I considered the music in my video the most important because of all the different drops and the music changing from fast to slow, from lyrics to instrumental music. I did consider the kinds of images/clips I was going to put into my video and I tried to use many editing effects like layering, cross-cutting, stacking up clips and even reversing clips to convey the change in music. I conveyed the changes within the music well by using all these effects and it emphasized the performance from the singer more than the narrative. I wanted to focus mostly on performance throughout my music video and not so much on the narrative but I included ‘clips’ of a couple as Vernallis quotes “design images with the song as a guide”. I was only using the narrative part as a guide for the audience to think about what the song’s message is.

In conclusion my Music Video had a narrative which had elements of stereotyping, sadness, happiness and different uses of the Goodwin theory. A last theorist that helped me create the story was Todorov’s narrative theory, which I applied parts of to my Music Video. My narrative was typical for a song by Justin Bieber and the couple element anchored the narrative even more. The performance from the ‘singer’ was also anchoring the narrative as it conveyed the emotion of the singer and set the mood for the video. The use of Vernallis further anchored the music and emphasized the music then the story being told. Using Bulmer’s and Katz theory helped me to understand what the audience might watch my video take away from it. I was able to understand what a female audience might take and what a male audience might take in from my video with both results being different. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Rough Cut 2

This is my Rough Cut 2 which has the experimental editing in it but there is still clips that need to be cut and more fast-paced editing. The song is longer then my Music Video which is just an editing/software problem.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


In this Podcast, I talk about my last shoot that I will be filming with the couple. I also talk about what I'll be doing over the next few days.

Experimental Editing 2

This is a short video of different editing techniques and what I think will look better in my music video. I have added effects like layering, jump cuts, trails, prism effect, reversing the clips, speeding up the clip and flashing effects. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Rough Cut 1

This is the feedback I got from today's lesson: 
- Greenscreen for the singer 
- Cut - reverse clip and cross fade at 8 seconds 
- Fast paced editing - shorter takes at the beginning
- Layering 
- Stacking up the clip - clinch the clip and use colour correction 
- Flash or flare for parts of the video
- Make the beginning manic and dynamic 
- long take of the singer could be cut 
- couple on bridge could be put into slow motion 
- 'Where Are U Now' - cut and add effect - visualize the words of the song 
- Track - the track is more sad and need the singer to be looking sad 
- Cut - crop clip at 1 minute in and maybe add in slow motion 
- Instrumental music - different shots 
- Cross-cut between clips 
- Layer/crop singer or add jump cut 
- High pitched notes for the keyboard 
- cut away/slow motion from the smoke bomb
- layer to narrative - 2:10 minutes
- Music is downbeat - more sad 
- Long take of couple - needs stabilizer 
- Track - stronger push - editing need to be dynamic 
- Jump cuts or adding in shadow trail 
- More effects on performance 
- Bounce between colour correction 
- Bass beat - cutting 
- Framing could be tighter 
- Skateboard - add more shots 
- More vibrant 
- Cut between the DJ and Singer at 3:11
- Ending is good with the panning upwards and the fade out. 

My Lyric Video

I have cut the song short so that other 'fans' can submit their own pictures and send them in to finish the song. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Sample Scene 7

This is my lastest Sample Scene 7 which has more footage and which is close to a final cut. I have to add in the ending and I should be finished and make it into a Final Cut. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

DigiPak Experimentation 2

Here I have done some more experimentation with my DigiPak and showing my ideas. 

This is an interesting tutorial I found that tries to Replicate a CD Cover and the effects used. 
I made my own replicate of this using the same colours and the same tools. This turned out quite good and I really like the colours and the way it stands out. 

Sample Scene 6

This is my Sample Scene which I have added in the footage of my Couple.  

Social Media - Post Update 2 - December

Here is another post update that I have done on the social media accounts of all my singers and DJ's. As you can see I share the post from either the singer or the DJ's so that the message/post gets out to the audience. 

As you can see I have tried to make sure I post nearly the same information throughout the different accounts so that it looks more convincing. 

I even post some behind the scene photos or videos which will attract the audience as they are always interested in seeing what their favourite artists are up to. 

Friday, 9 December 2016


In this PODCAST, I talk about blogging on my website merchandise and the branding for the DJ's. I have also made a post on the DJ's and applied theory to it. I have filmed the male DJ this week and the female DJ last week. 

I will be filming the Couple in various locations, 
- In 'Auchan' with the couple window shopping, sitting in a café, walking outside
- In Utopolis with the couple walking towards the cinema, inside looking at the trailers and lining up to buy a cinema ticket. 

Sample Scene 5

In this Sample Scene I have added my DJ's to the video and I have found the footage of the couple for the start of my Music Video.
I will be filming the couple again this Saturday in various locations. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Social Media - Post Update 1 - December

Here is an update on my social media accounts for both Justin Bieber and JackU. I have made accounts on Facebook, Twitter and for Justin Bieber Instagram as well. 

As you can see I have posted about my sample scenes which gives the audience a teaser on what they will be able to watch when the official music video come out. I also added a post asking 'fans' to follow the singer Justin Bieber. 

As for the JackU Twitter I have posted about the website to attract the audience to visit it and check out the merchandise. I have also posted about the Lyric Video in which the fans will be apart of. This further attracts the audience as they would feel as if they are personally connecting with the artists. And lastly another short post about the lyric video where they need to send in photos of themselves, I have added on the hashtags so that there would be a collection of photos.
For the Instagram I had posted a photo of my singer from behind to create some mystery for the audience and to show a bit of the scenery.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Male & Female DJ - Applied Theory

I made the male DJ look convincing as I used the Auditorium in my school which has a sound control room with controls that are similar to what DJ's use in producing their own music. When filming the DJ, the costume I picked out for the DJ was a black t-shirt with jeans and wearing headphones and a tattoo sleeve. 

Here are some screenshots from the footage:

When choosing the DJ's I decided to have both a Male and a Female DJ as I wanted to convey a sense of equality. I can use the theory of Levi-Strauss who created the binary opposition theory. This theory is about how certain concepts and ideas can create conflict when put together. For example in my Music Video I have two DJ's of different gender which would fit in the category 'Male v Female'. I can also use Gramsci's theory of Hegemony and how an audience is more likely to find a male DJ to be stereotypical and a female DJ unconventional
Female DJ 
For her costume I wanted her to wear a hoodie and a bandanna to create a unique look. I also got her to play the Keyboard which most DJ's use to produce their music.  

Merchandise - My Website

Here are a few examples of the types of fonts I could use for the t-shirt designs. With JackU I want the logo/branding to stand out and be easy to read. 

I like these fonts but not as much although they give it a more artsy look which is similar to the Music Video where there is a lot of paint effects and brush effects on the singer Justin Bieber. 

Here are a few more examples of branding and these are street art inspired fonts. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

My Lyric Video - Concept

For my Fan interaction, I will be getting 'fans' to hold signs up of the lyrics. This simple lyric video is simple and shows what the target audience is and who the music video is mostly aimed at which is teenage girls. 

For the video I won't be finishing it so that I can make it so that 'Fans' can still enter their pictures and feel more a part of the video and closer to the artist and DJ's. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Production Schedule 5

This is my production schedule, I still need to film the DJ and then update all my social media profiles and continue editing my Digipak and Website. I will also be filming the couple in hopefully next week at the shopping centre Auchan. 

- Film inside Auchan of couple 'window-shopping' and buying some food, then film them walking around the rest of the shops. 
- Film outside of Auchan, with them eating while sitting on a bench and chatting. 
- Film them walking towards the Cinema Utopolis using long shots and panning. 
- Film couple walking inside the cinema with mid shots to long shots. 

Sample Scene 4

From my Sample Scene 3, I got feedback from the teacher. This is the feedback which I took into consideration: 
- Time lapse - too shaky 
- Camera takes are too long 
- Cut them into shorter clips
- Smoke Bomb - transform the clip and maybe crop it. 
- Cut between dancing - doesn't have to be on the beat 
- Foot close up - white writing on ground looks bad. 
- Cut from 2:11 to 2:14 cut away and then comeback 
- Back up shots of singer 
- Camera movement in the background 
- Greenscreen - layering for background 
- Layer on the sides not in the centre 
- Clapping comes in for too long 
- Couple - should try and find an alternative couple and with different locations 
- Balance between narrative and performance. 

This is my Sample Scene 4 

- In this Sample Scene, I changed parts and added some experimental layering for the keyboard scenes. I will be filming more footage of the DJ in a control/sound room later in the week. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

DigiPak - Creating my own

I have been watching several videos on YouTube on how to do a cut out image effect which I'd like to do for my own DigiPak. This effect helps to create a more of a collage look and similar to the actual album cover with a variety of photos used and yellow around it. 

As you can see in this video I have done the first part of the tutorial which is using the tool 'Quick Tool' to cut away parts of the image so I have only the singer.

This is the template that I will be using. As you can see there are four panels to fill. 
In this short video I show how I edited the pictures and created the collage effect. 

In this video I again show my technique and how I am experimenting with the positions and the scale. 

This is a screenshot of what my DigiPak looks like so far. I obviously have a lot of work left to do but this is a rough idea of what I'd like my Digipak to look like. 

Polaroid Effect 
This is a second idea that I could do for my front panel and then have  different photo for the back panel. This effect is quite easy once you've tested it. I found this to be an interesting effect as it makes certain parts of the photo stand out the others. 
I had to first put in a photo as the background. Then I created a square using the Rectangle tool and  used the colour #7e7e7e to fill it. Then I duplicated the 'Square' and made another square which I filled white. I than transformed the white square to look like a Polaroid Photo. After I selected the Lasso Tool and drew around the grey square and then I clicked on 'Layer via Copy' when I went back to the
background. This made the selected image isolated and I put the image 'send to front' so that it came over the square. 

DigiPak EG5 - Justin Bieber

Possible Influences 
- Layering of text and photos 
- Layout of CD package 
- Photo of Artist 

This is the front of the CD cover and has a lot of layered editing. The effect is of paint and writing.
The name of the album is slightly hard to see as it blends in with the white paint effect. The singer is in a pose of prayer. 
The back panel has a white font that looks similar to calligraphy and a photo of a plane crash with someone walking on the roof. The common convention of the barcode and the record labels

DigiPak EG4 - Drake

Possible Influences 
- Font 
- Lyric Booklet with the photos of Artist 

The front cover for Drake's album 'Views' is very grey and dark. And at the very top shows the singer sitting on the edge of this building. There is a small label saying explicit content but no title on the album. This suggests that it was targeting a specific audience as they would know who's album it was if they saw it in a shop. 
The back panel has grey clouds and the font is white and slightly blue. There is a list of songs and the
name of the album is on the back which is no very common. 
The booklet contains the people who helped work on each track and has photos of Drake and other photos of the scenery. 


In this PODCAST I talk about what I have done and what I still need to finish off. I need to finish the lyric video and the digipak design. 

DigiPak EG3 - Charlie Puth

Possible Influences 
- Photo of artist on front creates mystery
- Bold colour that stands out to the audience 
- Use of labels on the back panel to give it verisimilitude.

The front panel has the singer from a side view while the back panel has the singer facing away from the back. The colour yellow is bright and bold, while the font for the cover is his signature font he uses.
On the back of the panel there is a list of songs and the font is in dark green or black with white numbers, which makes it hard to read. There is a barcode and the labels of the record companies.
In this video it actually shows the CD is a bright neon yellow. And features a lyric booklet with the singer from different photo shoots. 

DigiPak EG2 - Lady Gaga

Possible Influences 
- Photo of artist which stands out from the background 
- Pastel background 
- Lyric Booklet with photos from childhood 
This is the front cover of Lady Gaga's new album, as you can see it is very plain, it shows the singer on the front. The font is white which is slightly hard to read. The background is a baby blue which signifies that her album is about getting back to her roots and where her singing began. The photo of the singer is from the side and wears only a pink hat. The colours are very pastel.

The back panel has the list of songs and the barcode and record labels. The image does not continue onto the back.
In this video of the unboxing there is the inside panels which have two different black and white photos of gaga and there is a booklet with lyrics that have photos and writing. 

DigiPak EG1 - Rihanna

Possible Influences 
- CD Package with posters 
- Front panel has the boy facing front and then on the back panel of the boy facing back

This is the CD packaging for her 2016 album called 'Anti' Her cover has a photo of a boy with editing of red paint and a ballon. The photo is layered with the same photo. 
The digipak has the same photo on the middle panel with the photo of the boy from the back. There is a small label about explicit content on the front of the cover.

The back of the cover is minimalistic.   
The CD is white with the name of the album but very plain. There is a poster and a few
pictures featured in it as well. 
This video is of the deluxe edition of 'Anti' and shows a range of posters and other pieces that the fans get. 

Friday, 18 November 2016


In this PODCAST I talk about what I blogged on which was website research and the digipak research. I will be finishing the digipak research and filming more of my DJ's. I will also be editing the lyric video and updating my websites. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG10 - Justin Bieber

Possible Influences 
- Top links are easy to see 
- A feature of news and videos 
- Newsletter 

- This website has a banner in white with 7 top links and social media links at the very top. There is also a 'newsletter' that fans can 'sign up' to. 
- There is a sliding banner with his latest albums and songs. 
- Underneath it has his 'shows'.